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It's George Bush's Fault

21 Jun. 2012 Posted by The Angry Man in Anger Management

After President Obama protected Eric Holder with an Executive Order, I watched the Obama Administration respond to the outcry stating this was all clearly George Bush's fault. The administration explained how "Gun Walking" was all started under George Bush, and it was Eric Holder who put an end to it! He's the hero, not the villain

Of course, Holder and the Obama administration are far too humble to brag about how heroic the administration and Attorney General are, which is why the documents are kept from review from the U.S. Congress.. because you know - the U.S. Congress might share state secrets with Jihadists and can't be trusted.

Wasn't it Obama who proclaimed his Administration would be the most transparent ever? .... **cricket, cricket kamagra oral jelly price in india...**

I had a few extra minutes today and thought I'd share my thought on the Obama administration press conference blaming Bush for the Gun Walking program. As a side-note, the Bush Administration coordinated with the Mexican Federal and local police, unlike the Obama administration. Details are pesky things aren't they?

Comet smashing the Earth as Obama proclaims it's all George Bush's fault