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Weekly ITPS: Constitution and Division of Powers - Part 2

11 Mar. 2012 Posted by The Angry Man in Podcast: ITPS Weekly

Host Nick Ellis interviews John Snyder in part II of the In the Public Square discuss of Federalism.  What does the 14th Amendment mean?  What is the significance of the 10th Amendment? Listen in as John Snyder continues in his explanation of the machinery of our Constitutional balance of power.  How did the 14th Amendment come about and why is it important for conservatives to understand the history behind that amendment? How is “reserved powers” different from “state’s rights”? Why is it important for Christians and conscientious conservatives to abstain from using state’s rights language?  Why is it better to explain our grievances against the abuse of federal power by using the language and arguments of 10th Amendment reserved powers?  Finally, what, if any, is the solution to the problem of an out of control federal government? 

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