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Weekly ITPS: Is the Progressive Movement in Need of an Enemy?

23 Feb. 2012 Posted by The Angry Man in Podcast: ITPS Weekly

Is the media any longer an honest broker?  The problem is much more than bias but rather a problem with facts as existing outside the mind.  There is no longer agreement on who, what, where, why, when and how.  That failure of agreement is born out of a rejection of facts having independent existence.  Both Left and Right see facts as things precipitated out of a worldview rather than the material out of which we construct worldview.  Hence, journalism is committed to advocacy and not truth.  The great tragedy is that our society can no longer differentiate between opinions and the objective world outside of our desires.  From car commercials to Obamacare, pornography and drug culture and M-TV, we have become peddlers of fantasy.  Our culture cannot reconcile itself with objectivity that in the aggregation of particulars, results in a de facto rejection of God.  American and much of the West are lost in the vain imaginings of little children, the self-delusion of immaturity.  The great divide in our cultural is not political.  It is a chasm of separation between those who attempt to bring their thoughts into conformity with objective truth and those who do not or care not to submit to things outside their own will. Listen is as Host John Snyder, Steve Z. Nemo and Mr. Angry Man, Nick Ellis, discuss this great political and cultural divide. 

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