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Happy Condom Week!: Page 2 of 2

20 Feb. 2012 Posted by Alexandra Berauer in the 12:21 Project

Even syphillis, a disease that was supposed to be eradicated by now, is making an alarming comeback. Our State Capitol region has the unfortunate distinction of having some of the highest incidences of gonorrhea and chlamydia in the country. 

Congratulations, Sacramentans. How's that Condom Week thing working out for you?

Is it possible that we're giving young people a false sense of assurance by tossing condoms and a pep talk at them? And have some organizations, by virtue of their names alone, sent the message that the gravest consequence of "unprotected" sex is pregnancy? Which begs another question: what exactly constitutes adequate protection for twelve year olds?

Ironically, the only way some women find out they have a sexually-transmitted disease or infection is when they can't get pregnant. And many of the STDs that cause infertility, not to mention life-threating cancers, can't be fully prevented with a condom. Or even a vaccine. How's that for a pep talk?

If we're going to require that sex ed be comprehensive (i.e., "complete; including all or nearly all elements or aspects of something; of large content or scope"), aren't we obligated to provide full disclosure? Clearly, there's a gap in our strategy and people are losing their lives and their futures as a result. That's not hyperbole. It's the truth.

I propose we celebrate Condom Week by requiring warning labels along with the barcodes on condom packages intended for distribution to children. And since we're in California, how about starting to hold people liable for the damages caused by their negligent misrepresentations?

Have a safe and happy National Condom Week...and don't forget to act responsibly.